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Check out the benefits of O_Blend CEMENT

Master strongly varying raw-material compositions during blending in cement plants.

Sort the incoming raw-material feeds.

Ease recalibration of on-line analyzers.

Increase raw-mill production.

What is it all about?

Based on on-line analyzers (e.g. PGNAA, PFTNA, LIBS) or off-line analyzers (e.g. XRF), O_Blend Cement helps

  • visualize the tonnage and quality of stockpiles and silos,
  • sort an incoming feed onto stockpiles with distinct grades,
  • optimize the quality (e.g., targets for LS, SR, AR; upper limits for Fe2O3, Al2O3) of a blend batch (blendpile, train, ship, silo/bin) or a blend tonnage window by adjusting the proportions of the raw-material feeders or reclaimed materials,
  • optimize the raw-mill throughput.

O_Blend Cement Features


  • Visualize tonnage and quality maps of stacked (sub)piles and predict the quality of the reclaimed material
  • Sorting:

  • Sort automatically or assist in sorting an incoming feed from a train, ship, quarry or mine onto stockpiles with distinct grades
  • Blending:

  • To reduce the variability of blend quality, automatically blend or assist in blending several raw-material feeders or reclaimed materials
  • Handle large unknown variations of the raw-material compositions with no need to update the compositions by the user
  • No need for maintenance contract or on-site expert as O_Blend is based on novel measurement-based optimization (MBO) technology
  • Compensate for large time delays (40 min and more) between feeder actions and XRF analysis in the absence of an on-line analyzer
  • Apply customized strategies to reduce the effects of stockpile or silo changes and large perturbations in raw materials
  • Use alternative feeds when a feeder reaches a limit
  • Adjust production  when a feeder deviates from its setpoint
  • Compute an optimal raw material for each feeder
  • Use transparent feeder actions
  • Optimization:

  • Maximize the raw-mill throughput
  • And more:

  • Reduce the need for recalibrating on-line analyzers thanks to Compensator module
  • Fast commissioning thanks to a dynamic simulator
  • Connect easily to a customer PLC (ABB, Rockwell, Schneider-Electric, Siemens, Yokogawa, etc.)
Our company

Online Control Ltd. is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. O_Blend Cement has been implemented successfully worldwide for stockpile and raw-mill applications.

Happy customers include: Holcim, Cemex, Titan Cement, Chettinad Cement, Scantech.


”We have used O_Blend Cement 24h/day 7days/week. After commissioning in 2009, the quality of our production has increased. In conclusion, we are very happy.”

”We consider O_Blend Cement as an excellent system.”